Bode, Max & Grandma Jenny came up to visit us last weekend. It was a blast, everyone loves it when these guys come to visit, and didn't want them to leave when the time came!

Lexi, Max, & Bode at the pool


Carly participated in a triathlon a couple weeks ago and did a great job. She motivated us to all do one next month!


ouary for the 4th of july

After Lake Powell we headed straight to Ouary, Colorado for the 4th. It has become a fun tradition over the past 5 years. We look forward to it every year!

Every view there is breath taking! It is the Switzerland of America

Cascade Falls

We all got up early on the 4th and ran the Ouary 10K! Everyone had fun and finished even though it was a hike up hill the last half. At least we are prepared for next year!

lake powell

The Bearnson's (alex's family) invited us to Lake Powell for the week. What a relaxing trip it was. We hiked to different indian ruins and rainbow canyon, read, relaxed in the lake, and went tubbing, it was so much fun the kids loved it! Thanks for inviting us we had a great time!

Rainbow Canyon

taking the ferry to over the lake to Colorado

carly's birthday 20 years old

On her birthday Carly ran a 10K, while Alex and Cami ran a Half Marathon!

We missed Codi but we all went and watched her dance review after we ate dinner, this is her in her 5 some dance.

drill team

Codi made the drill team this year and is excited to compete in the 2010-2011 season. We are so excited to watch her and she has already been working so hard! These pictures are her at "boot camp" in Park City


schofield participated at BYU passing league in june, and his team took first place! We are excited to watch him this year!